The engine behind your product content

    In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, brands are under pressure to deliver high-quality, optimized product data to their resellers in a timely and consistent manner. Our state-of-the-art product content management system is the engine behind your product content, helping your business grow and thrive in today's competitive marketplace.
    Product Content Management - Turnkey Solution for Brands to Manage Product Data - GfK Etilize

    How GfK Etilize solves your content challenges

    GfK Etilize eliminates your main content challenges by using a standardized storage taxonomy. This allows brands to manage content in one place while also making it easy to provide content to your distributers and resellers in a format that they can accept.
    Product Content Management - Turnkey Solution for Brands to Manage Product Data - GfK Etilize

    Partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes

    It’s important that our business reflects the true picture of today's diverse market landscape. That’s why we welcome partners of all shapes and sizes, from global, online and offline players, to a specialist focusing on one local town, city or region, and everything in between. We also welcome distributors, data houses, platforms, payment systems and other organizations that collect sales data.

    GfK Etilize's Content Lifecycle

    • Create

      Include your products in the world’s largest content database.


      We can accept your content in any format and create it in a schema (taxonomy) optimized for storage and transformation into more than 45 markets and 26 languages.


    • Enhance

      Enhance your data by adding rich content elements


      We can take your content in any format and create it in a format (taxonomy) optimized for SEO, and then do the mapping work for export to your retailers in their unique template(s).

      Create highly-structured product content using our WYSIWYG tools. Define and build Rich Product Content that shows your products features in the best possible light. Add multiple rich media elements including multiple high resolution images, enhanced overview (A+) pages, comparison charts, 360 product views, multiple videos, and product tours to all of your products.

    • Manage

      Better manage your data in all of its languages and formats.

      Turn your data into consistent, optimized content through an easy to use online product content management tool. This includes all structured content, as well as enhanced content elements like unstructured data, image galleries and videos all in one place.
      After initial creation, edit your product content to keep it accurate and complete. Many times there are changes that are required to be made to product features and benefits. Backfill attributes that were not available at the time of creation or update attributes that have changed using GfK’s SpexAccess portal.
      • Updates include:
        • Add or Update Attributes
        • Include Multiple Images
        • Edit in Bulk
        • Easily identify deficiencies
    • Syndicate

      Automatically share content to our network and beyond


      We automatically syndicate your new SKUs and updates to thousands of retailers who are part of the GfK Network. Additionally, we can push your product content to many of the world’s largest retailers, marketplaces and distributors, using their customized content API’s.

      See below for some of the brands we syndicate to.

    • Review

      Adjust strategy based on performance

      Monitor trends and analytics that help you adjust your e-commerce strategies. We provide you with the usage data that you need to make informed decisions on how and where you spend your marketing dollars.

    Content Syndication

    The GfK Etilize product catalogue is syndicated with businesses, distributors and resellers around the world. Our services gives you the flexibility to globalize your product content throughout GfK’s network, or focus your content to specific retailers.

    Amazon Vendor Central API

    Improve your product listings on the Amazon store with timely, accurate and complete product content supplied by GfK Etilize. 

    Google MFC API

    With rapid changes taking place during the pandemic, how can brands and marketers navigate shifting priorities and ensure business continuity in a post-COVID environment?

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    Wayfair Item Setup Sheets

    GfK automates the Wayfair Item Setup process for sellers. Seamlessly add and update all your product content on the Wayfair Marketplace.

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    GSA VPP Item API

    Create and optimize products as a vendor on the General Services Administration (GSA) marketplace new VPP – Verified Products Portal

    Walmart DSV API

    GfK Etilize is a content service provider (CSP) to Walmart and can now automatically feed brand's product data including rich/A+ content to


    Target Marketplace API

    GfK's automated technology enables brands to enhance their product listings on the new Target Plus Marketplace.

    Best Buy PDM API

    GfK can create new product content and update existing content using the new Best Buy PDM (Product Data Management) Process.


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    Optimized content on your CDW display pages will increase your sales and improve your brand presence. Etilize can syndicate your content today.

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    Turn shoppers into buyers on Insight's sites with enhanced product descriptions, images, and rich content.


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    Office Depot

    Experience long term growth based on an improved eCommerce experience for your products on Office Depot.

    Why reinvent the wheel?

      GfK Etilize has built online ready product content representing over 70,000 brands. Find out how many of your products we are already providing to your retail partners today.

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