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    GfK Etilize's professional services provide customers in need of additional integration and data mapping support with an easy and affordable option. Currently, Spex Plus and Spex Live customers receive basic integration support with any data subscription package, our Professional Services division is for customers in need of additional support and resources to get your website or inventory application started.

    Integrating Spex Plus or Spex Live is designed to be as simple as possible but can be challenging for businesses lacking the technical resources to complete the task. Our support team will reduce delays by providing targeted solutions for complicated data transformation and shopping cart import taxonomies.

    Our professional services and implementation experts work with you through the successful implementation of your product content. We begin by assessing your goals and requirements, then we will design, develop and test your implementation.

    Our services

    At Etilize, our professional services are designed to enhance your operations, streamline processes, and provide customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. 

    GfK Etilize - Professional Services
    Custom export formats
    Since different platforms and systems may require specific data formats, our team can create custom export formats that meet the requirements of your desired destination, ensuring seamless integration and data compatibility.
    GfK Etilize - Professional Services
    Custom product feeds
    If you need to distribute your product data to various channels or partners, we can develop custom product feeds that deliver accurate and up-to-date information in the format required by each platform or partner.
    GfK Etilize - Professional Services
    Shopping cart ready formats and feeds
    Our team will ensure that your data looks it's very best and is properly formatted, enabling a smooth and efficient integration process.
    GfK Etilize - Professional Services
    Custom files with pricing and vendor logic incorporated
    Our experts will work with you to develop custom files that include necessary pricing and logic rules, ensuring accurate and consistent information across your product catalog.
    GfK Etilize - Professional Services
    Category and product mapping services
    To ensure that your products are listed accurately across various platforms, we will analyze your data, identify the appropriate categories, and map products to your category structure, optimizing their visibility and discoverability.