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    Are your products easy to find?

    As B2B, B2C and D2C e-commerce continues to grow, brands and distributors need to ensure that their products are reaching their network partners promptly with great content and are easy to discover and purchase. 

    GfK Product Selector enables that and more by providing a simple-to-integrate web application that is rich in features and helps with analyzing your customers’ behavior through actionable stats and metrics. All of this leads to increased sales, enhanced reputation and customer satisfaction for your business.

    Why do you need the GfK Product Selector?

    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Increase Sales

    Enabling your customers to conveniently discover/review your products and buy at the best prices from the store of choice or partner/reseller helps you sell more.

    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Speed to Market

    Have the complete and accurate content for your new products reach your resellers right away and update your specs, images, rich media etc. without any delays. 

    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Rebuilding brands in the new abnormal

    With rapid changes taking place during this pandemic, how can brands and marketers navigate shifting priorities and ensure business continuity in a post-COVID environment?

    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Improve Reach

    The ability to show your products directly at your reseller and partner sites and enable all the rich product selection functions results in better visibility and reach.

    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Gauge performance through analytics across reseller/partner websites. Know which keywords drive traffic and how customers interact with your content.
    Product Selector - Make your products easy to find - GfK Etilize
    Easy Integration

    Deploy easily on your own or reseller/partner’s website using a simple inline script. The application is responsive and customizable to match the integrating site’s look and feel.

    How does it work?



    The GfK Product Selector can be deployed using a simple inline script on your partner/reseller’s website. It is fully customizable to match the look and feel of the integrating website and supports all the countries and languages in which you conduct e-commerce business.

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    The functions of the application include:

    • Find products using a rich search interface (keywords, faceted search etc.)
    • Find similar products to your competitors’
    • Find upgraded products against your EOL SKUs
    • Find the stores selling your products
    • View the price comparison across the stores
    • View and compare product specs
    • View enhanced content and relations including A+ pages, images, rich media, accessories, similar products, upsells and more
    • Find and contact the partners selling your products (Request a Quote etc.)
    • Generate rich analytics showing access to your products and interactions with them
    • View results based on up-to-date inventory of the site

    The GfK Product Selector can be fully customized to meet your unique requirements

    GfK_vertiv success story
    • Localize for countries and languages
    • Match the look and feel of your website
    • Customize the features and values for search functions
    • Customize your catalog to show the relevant products
    • Enhance product content including specs, images, rich media and more
    • Choose the interactions with resellers and partners that apply to your relationship with them (direct buy, get a quote etc.)
    • Choose which resellers to get prices from and how frequently

    We can also work with you to design custom UIs and workflows on top of the off-the-shelf features e.g. guided or wizard-style product selection.

    How clients use the GfK Product Selector

    Vertiv uses GfK Etilize for its product search capabilities

    Vertiv brings together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to enable continuous and optimal running of vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities.

    See how Vertiv partners with GfK Etilize to build its product search and filter capabilities.

    View Vertiv's interactive product selector

    Vertiv product selector website screenshot
    Vertiv logo

    GFK Etilize has enabled our channel business to place customized product selectors on many of our managed channel partner’s websites with ease. This tool not only allows potential customers to quickly and efficiently source the right Vertiv products to fit their networking, power, IT management and rack solutions – but also allows Vertiv’s brand presence to be extended and elevated as we’ve been able to establish ourselves as thought leaders in the technology industry. Implementations are smooth and product selector upkeep is minimal. Would recommend to any business looking to optimize their customer experience – it sure has for Vertiv.

    Christina Pageau
    Global Manager, eCommerce Marketing Vertiv

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