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Manage product sales on Amazon with GfK Etilize

Improve your product listings on the Amazon store with timely, accurate and complete product content supplied by GfK Etilize.

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How GfK Etilize supports your listings on the Amazon store

To support your business on the Amazon store, you need a solution that can manage your product listings in an effective and efficient manner.

The GfK Etilize Solution

GfK Etilize delivers a robust connection to the Amazon store that enables the flow of highly accurate and complete product content. On behalf businesses that sell on the Amazon store, GfK Etilize provides your product data, that includes:

  • Product Descriptions

  • Feature Benefits

  • Product Attributes

  • Rich Media Elements

Data is often visible on Amazon within minutes.

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he New Amazon SP API

The New Amazon SP API

GfK Etilize seamlessly integrates with the new Amazon Seller Partner API (SP API). This updated interface will allow sellers to easily create, update and define their product listings. The new SP API is set to replace the existing MWS and AFS APIs that have been in operation for the past several years.

Hands Free Content Mapping

Amazon is continually improving it’s product definitions which requires its partners to keep their existing product mappings up to date. GfK Etilize creates and maintains the mapping from our product schema to the Amazon schema, lifting the burden from businesses that sell in the Amazon store.

Optimize Search Capabilities
Automated Delivery Image

Automated Delivery

Product Content is provided to Amazon using the latest technology available. The GfK Etilize platform reliably transmits 1000’s of products to Amazon in seconds that can easily be changed or updated later in the product’s lifecycle.

Detailed Reporting

GfK Etilize will provide you reports throughout the process keeping you fully informed from start to finish.

How does it work

How does it work?

Supply a list of the products you wish to submit to the Amazon store to GfK Etilize with any optional custom content you want to include (descriptions, marketing text, feature benefits).

GfK Etilize will upload the product content by either creating a new ASIN or update an existing ASIN. All product content including images is supplied to Amazon in their required formats.

The Amazon store receives the new content, and GfK Etilize provides you a detailed log of the content submitted.

Why GfK Etilize?

Increase Sales

Faster Time to Market

From collecting all of the product data required by Amazon to ensuring that the data you submit meets Amazon’s requirements can take weeks to months. Allow GfK Etilize to manage this process and submit your products quickly.

Increase target traffic

Less Resources Required

Focus on building your assortment and not on product data management. GfK Etilize has millions of products ready to be submitted to Amazon. Just let us know your assortment and we’ll do the work.

Increase Sales

Automated Currency

Keep your Amazon listing up to date with the latest changes made by the manufacturers of your products. Updates that happen within the GfK Etilize content network are automatically submitted to Amazon, so you will always have the latest version of content representing your products.

Become an effective seller on the Amazon store today.

From conception to integration with GfK Etilize.


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