Why do you need original and high-quality product content?

    With the ubiquity of e-commerce and its evolution over the past decade, the competition for online buyers’ attention today is immense. You need all the help that you can get from the content that represents your products online in order to excel at your business and stay ahead of your competition.

    The quality, originality and uniqueness of product content is of prime importance and plays a critical role in the success of your e-commerce business. The benefits to your revenue and reputation are undeniable, making it worth your time and investment.

    Manufacturers & Vendors

    High-quality and engaging product content that represents your products in a comprehensive and compelling manner, focuses on their distinguishing features and benefits and makes them come alive on the e-commerce platforms goes a long way in helping the potential buyers decide why they should pick your products over the competition.

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    Retailers, Distributors & Resellers

    Unique and optimized product content that embeds your own voice and marketing style helps improve your search rankings and the visibility of your products online. This enables the buyers to find the products that you distribute or sell easily as well as make the buying decision convenient for them while they review and compare these on your website.

    GfK Etilize drives eCommerce strategy

    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Improve conversion rate

    Original, clever and concise product content makes it easier for your website visitors to understand the products and make the buying decision.
    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Increase targeted traffic

    Targeted traffic resulting from high search rankings and relevant keywords can significantly increase the number of visits from potential buyers of your products.
    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Rank higher on search engines

    Original and optimized product content
    helps improve your search rankings and the visibility of your products online
    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Stand out from the competition

    Your competitors are trying to sell to the same potential customers as you. That’s why it is paramount you have an edge against the competition. 
    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Have a loyal customer base

    Product content that your visitors can relate to helps them make the right buying decisions. This  builds trust and nurtures loyal customers ensuring  future sales. 
    Content Creation - Develop successful product content

    Translated & Localized Content

    Unique content enables you to reach your customers in their languages with localized content. GfK provides product content in 30 languages and 56 markets.

    How can GfK Etilize help?

    GfK Etilize has a 20-year track-record of helping businesses compete better online and increase sales. GfK Etilize can provide well-written, unique and customized product content for your e-commerce platforms and websites that is optimized for search engines, conforms to your style-guides / content standards and speaks to your target audience.


    Professional Copywriting
    Premium Quality Content
    Scale at Low Cost
    Consulting Services
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      With custom content written just for you by our team of professional copywriters, your products will rank well on search engines and will have a better discovery as well as conversion rate compared to the generic content.

    • Person online shoppingGfK Etilize can work with you on the following product content elements of premium quality at competitive rates:

                                • Marketing descriptions (romance copies)
                                • A+ pages (rich marketing copies)
                                • Feature benefit bullet points
                                • Short and long titles
                                • Keywords
                                • Mapped technical specifications that conform to your taxonomy
                                • Custom product category trees
                                • Add Images (creation and processing)
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      GfK Etilize has custom-built proprietary systems in place to generate many content elements using product group / category level and brand level rules as applicable (feature benefit bullets, titles, keywords etc.) in order to scale efficiently, minimize manual effort and keep your copywriting costs lower.

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      GfK Etilize can also provide consulting services to optimize your web-pages for best search engine rankings and visibility.

    How clients use GfK Etilize

    S.P. Richards Co. expands assortment for dealers and get to market faster.

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    GfK is flexible, knows our business and has strong processes for content quality and harmonization. Partnering with GfK is a more scalable solution for us than developing content in-house and helps us expand our assortment for our dealers and get to market with new product content faster than our competitors.

    Paul Gates
    Vice President Ecommerce and Marketing ServicesS.P. Richards Co.

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