How to maximize profitability on Best Buy

To support your business on Best Buy, you need a solution that can manage your product listings in an effective and efficient manner.

The GfK Etilize Solution

GfK Etilize delivers a robust connection to Best Buy that enables the flow of highly accurate and complete product content from the GfK Etilize CMS (Content Management System) to the Best Buy platform. This data includes:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Feature Benefits
  • Product Attributes
  • Rich Media Elements
Product data is often visible on within minutes.

Hands-Free Content Mapping

Best Buy is continually improving its product definitions which requires its partners to keep their existing product mappings up to date. GfK Etilize creates and maintains the mapping from our product schema to the Best Buy schema, lifting the burden from vendors.

Custom Content Creation

Best Buy requires its sellers to provide a collection of stylized product features for each product submitted. Either supply the content you wish to share, or have GfK Etilize author this content on your behalf. All curated content is provided using the Content Style Guide provided by Best Buy.


Detailed Reporting


GfK Etilize will provide you reports throughout the process, keeping you fully informed from start to finish.

Augmented Reality


GfK Etilize now provides the ability to show AR on your Best Buy product pages. With AR, your customers will feel more connected to your brand and have the ability to "test out" products in their own environments. Enabling AR in your online store has been proven to lead to a 94% higher conversion rate.


What are the benefits?

GfK Etilize + Best Buy - Increase Sales and Profitability on Best Buy

Faster Time to Market

Get your product listed on the Best Buy website in days instead of weeks or months. Updates to existing products are often realized within minutes, allowing your products to be marketed with complete and accurate product data.

GfK Etilize + Best Buy - Increase Sales and Profitability on Best Buy

Increase Conversions

GfK Etilize increases Best Buy shopping relevancy and conversions by presenting your products with the benefits and detail required by consumers to make an informed buying decision.

GfK Etilize + Best Buy - Increase Sales and Profitability on Best Buy

Fewer Returns

Reduce the amount of returns by providing complete and accurate product data. Ambiguity on a feature or benefit may lead to a costly return of your product. GfK ensures that all required attributes are provided to Best Buy in the format that they require.

Best Buy and GfK Etilize discuss product data management

Best Buy and GfK Etilize joined forces for a lively discussion on how brands can increase sales and conversions with enhanced product data management (PDM).

View this on-demand session to learn now GfK Etilize and Best Buy collaborated on the new Best Buy PDM process that provides optimized product content, including A+, on