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Succeeding as a vendor on Wayfair

To support your business on Wayfair's site, you need a solution that can manage your product listings in an effective and efficient manner.

The GfK Etilize Solution

GfK Etilize has created an automated system that enables the flow of highly accurate and complete product content from the GfK Etilize CMS (Content Management System) to the Wayfair Marketplace. This data includes:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Feature Benefits
  • Product Attributes
  • Rich Media Elements

Data is often visible on Wayfair within minutes.


Hands-Free Content Syndication

Wayfair is continually improving its product definitions which requires its partners to keep their existing product mappings up to date. GfK Etilize creates and maintains the mapping from our product schema to the Wayfair schema, lifting the burden from the seller or vendor.

Improve the Customer Experience

GfK Etilize provides the ability to include multiple high-resolution images, pdfs and product videos to give your government consumers a full-featured buying experience in the Wayfair purchasing platform. Good content will help increase sales and conversions for Wayfair members, allowing for an optimal shopping experience.


Support and Feedback


GfK Etilize's Support Teams are ready to answer any questions you have while keeping you fully informed throughout the process from start to finish. And any updates are made rapidly.

What are the benefits?

GfK Etilize + Wayfair - Increase sales and profitability on Wayfair

Faster Time to Market

Get your product listed on Wayfair's website in days instead of weeks or months. Updates to existing products are often realized in minutes allowing your products to be marketed with complete and accurate product data. Updates to your product content can be made at any time.

GfK Etilize + Wayfair - Increase sales and profitability on Wayfair

Increase Conversions

GfK Etilize increases Wayfair's shopping relevancy and conversions by presenting your products with all the benefits and detail required by consumers to make an informed buying decision. Great product content will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

GfK Etilize + Wayfair - Increase sales and profitability on Wayfair

Performance Analytics

Receive unique, powerful analytics exclusive to Wayfair participants to understand how your products are performing in search across Wayfair.com. This is in addition to the existing analytics and insight provided to SpexAccess users.