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New Products from GfK Etilize for CES

Walmart: GfK Etilize is a Walmart Certified Content Service Provider which enables brands to simply and efficiently place and optimize all of your product content onto Walmart. The same content created for Walmart is available to our network of thousands of resellers and buyers. See the story here:

Google Manufacturer Center: The Google Manufacturer Center helps brands elevate their products on Googles search results and controls content in Google Shopping.  GfK works with Google and brands to syndicate their content into Googles Manufacturer Center and all other sales channels to maximize sales. Many new countries added this year. See the story here:

Amazon: Soon GfK will add an automated Amazon feed to create and update brand’s content on Amazon. This greatly simplifies the process enabling you to spend more time merchandising and less time formatting data.

Product Compare: GfK Etilize combines your product SKUs with our highly structured taxonomy and detailed attributes to create a best in class Product Selector that allows B2B and B2C buyers to easily select, compare and find the product they are looking for.  Your Product Selector can be used on your own website and deployed in popular reseller/distributor channels to maximize sales and act as a competitive advantage.  See an example here:

Store Finder: As shoppers become more likely to purchase your products on their preferred reseller sites through comparison shopping, it’s more important than ever for brands to control that journey with Store Finder technology.  GfK Etilize can map your products to popular resellers like Walmart and Amazon to show online and in-store pricing and inventory, while still on your website.  This prevents unbranded searches on reseller sites and acts as a closing tool for brands to their buyers and an example can be seen here:

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