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Succeeding as a vendor on Ingram Micro

In order to thrive as a vendor on Ingram Micro, it is imperative to have a cutting-edge data solution that efficiently handles and organizes your diverse range of products.

The GfK Etilize Solution

GfK Etilize has created an automated system that enables the flow of highly accurate, complete, and normalized product content from the GfK Etilize CMS (Content Management System) to Ingram Micro. Our SpexAccess platform will enable you to have control and insight into all products showing on IM's global sites. This data includes:

  • Product descriptions
  • Feature benefit bullet points
  • Normalized product attributes
  • Rich media elements including A+ pages, AR, multiple images and videos

All data is imported into the new Ingram Micro Xvantage System (X4V) taxonomy in all languages available.


Hands-Free Content Syndication

Ingram Micro is continually improving its product definitions which requires its partners to keep their existing product mappings up to date. GfK Etilize creates and maintains the mapping from our product schema to the Ingram Micro X4V schema, lifting the burden from the vendor.

GfK's SpexAccess platform enables full coverage of your active catalog on all of Ingram's global sites, ensuring there are no SKUs with missing data.

Improve the Customer Experience

GfK Etilize provides the ability to enhanced content to give your consumers an exceptional buying experience on the IM purchasing platform. Good content will allow for an optimal shopping experience, increasing sales and conversions.


Support and Feedback


GfK Etilize's support teams are ready to answer any questions you have while keeping you fully informed throughout the process from start to finish. And any updates are made rapidly.

Ingram's Xvantage X4V platform

Ingram's new AI-powered platform, Xvantage, accelerates the experience for both Ingram's esteemed customers and vendors by delivering enhanced functionality. With the power of artificial intelligence, Xvantage personalizes the journey for partners, empowering them to create innovative solutions while reducing time to market and driving profitability to new heights.

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What are the benefits?

Enhance Product Content on Ingram Micro | GfK Etilize Solution

Faster Time to Market

Get your product listed on Ingram's website in days instead of weeks or months. Updates to existing products are often realized in minutes allowing your products to be marketed with complete and accurate product data. Updates to your product content can be made at any time.

Enhance Product Content on Ingram Micro | GfK Etilize Solution

Increase Conversions

By utilizing GfK Etilize, Ingram's shopping relevance and conversions are significantly enhanced as it presents your products with comprehensive benefits and details that empower consumers to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Exceptional product content not only drives sales but also amplifies customer satisfaction.

Enhance Product Content on Ingram Micro | GfK Etilize Solution

Performance Analytics

Receive unique, powerful analytics exclusive to Ingram Micro members to understand how your products are performing in search across the IM site. This is in addition to the existing analytics and insight provided to SpexAccess users.