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Events like COVID-19 cause disruption on multiple fronts – but spotting the early indications within the noise can turn chaos into success. How do you quickly tune in to pertinent, timely business intelligence, so that opportunities and risks are seen early and managed effectively?

We track actual weekly sales and pricing across major retail channels to identify the early signs of disruption and help you to understand the extent and timing of any impact on supply chains, retail sales and consumer behaviour.

In many markets we also add consumer and retailer insights, to show the factors driving those changes and how retailers are responding.

Our continually updated insights support you in making fast, informed decisions, so you can navigate disruption and come out on top.

COVID-19 impact on retail markets 

COVID-19 will impact all retail markets, either through supply chain interruption as workforces are depleted, or through consumers changing their purchase behaviour due to mass isolation. Here are the figures we have already seen:



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