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How to sell more on ADI sites

ADI distributes a wide range of cutting-edge security, AV, and low-voltage products worldwide. With an expansive network spanning over 200 locations across 17 countries, ADI is the go-to global distributor for all your business needs. Partnering with GfK on ADI ensures you have the perfect solution to effortlessly manage your product listings, guaranteeing utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

The GfK Etilize Solution

GfK Etilize delivers a robust connection to ADI that enables the flow of highly accurate and complete product content from  the GfK Etilize CMS (Content Management System) to the ADI platform. This data includes:

  • Product descriptions
  • Feature benefits
  • Product attributes
  • Rich media elements

Product data is often visible on ADI within minutes.


Hands-Free Content Syndication

ADI maintains a comprehensive data schema for all of its products. Let GfK Etilize create and maintain the required mapping from our product schema to ADI's, lifting the burden from your local teams.

Automated Updates


From the creation of a new listing to the update of an existing listing, GfK Etilize provides multiple trigger points to keep your product content up to date and accurate. Updates can be triggered based underlying content changes which will ensure consistently relevant product content.


Reporting & Support


You will always know the status of your listings. GfK Etilize provides you updates and visibility on where your products are within the syndication process. Our support team will guide you through the process and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

A+ Content on ADI

ADI has recently implemented a cutting-edge feature that allows the display of A+/rich content on their websites. A+ content encompasses a variety of captivating media elements strategically placed on product display pages, empowering brands to narrate their product story through visually stunning formats. Amazon's data reveals that the addition of A+ content can significantly boost conversions by 12-36%.

What are the benefits?

GfK Etilize + ADI - Enhance your products and sell more on ADI

Faster Time to Market

Get your product listed on ADI's sites in days instead of weeks or months. Updates to existing products are often realized within minutes, allowing your products to be marketed with complete and accurate product data.

GfK Etilize + ADI - Enhance your products and sell more on ADI

Increase Conversions

GfK Etilize increases ADI shopping relevancy and conversions by presenting your products with the benefits and detail required by consumers to make an informed buying decision.

GfK Etilize + ADI - Enhance your products and sell more on ADI

Fewer Returns

Reduce the amount of returns by providing complete and accurate product data. Ambiguity on a feature or benefit may lead to a costly return of your product. GfK ensures that all required attributes are provided to ADI resulting in a comprehensive product listing.

How does it work?


Icon_1Supply a list of the products you wish to submit to ADI to GfK Etilize with any optional custom content you want to include (descriptions, marketing text, feature benefits).


Icon_2GfK Etilize will upload the product content to ADI by creating a new listing or updating an existing listing. All product content including images is supplied to ADI in their required formats.


Icon_3ADI acknowledges the receipt of the new content and pushes it live and GfK Etilize provides you a detailed log of the content submitted.