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Improve Product Detail Pages with GfK Etilize Rich Product Content

Engage and educate your customers with rich content

What is Rich Product Content?

Rich content includes multiple forms of engaging media on your product pages that go beyond basic product content to help further educate customers about your product.

Videos & Virtual Product Tours

Interactive Product Demonstrations / 360 Degree Product Views

High Resolution Images (up to 3000px x 3000px)

Marketing Brochures for Download


Downloadable Manufacturer PDF Product Manuals

Why Rich Product Content?

According to Jupiter Research, consumers are 25% more likely to make an online purchase when rich product content is present. With GfK Etilize Product Content, Rich Content and Enhanced Content, you will help your customers make better buying decisions and encourage loyalty. Providing website visitors with comprehensive research capabilities and post-sales content makes your website a valuable resource that will bring users back time and time again.

GfK Etilize Rich Content provides data and digital assets including downloadable and web-based content that allows websites to create a fuller online product interaction and shopping experience for online shoppers. Our Rich Content Add-on allows businesses to better mimic the retail experience online which can translate into greater sales for your business.

With our product content catalog, you can choose to add rich content elements to your product pages. Schedule a demo with us to see how these elements can not only help turn your shoppers into buyers, but also lower shopping cart abandonment and returns.


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