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"We recently switched to Etilize from a product content provider we had been using for years. Their pricing is very competitive and, above all, they have a strong technology offering. They have also been flexible in meeting our unique business requirements."

– Ron Bester []

Press Release


Etilize Partners with alaTest to Provide Integrated Data Feed in UK

Etilize announces partnership with review content provider, alaTest, to provide customers with an integrated product content and product review data feed

Through partnership with a leading business such as Etilize, we are cementing this growth and our position in the market.

London, England - Etilize UK and the review content provider alaTest, have joined forces to answer the industry’s requirement for a “one-stop product data solution”.

Customers can now access up-to-date standardised product information as well as aggregated expert and customer reviews of millions of technology products via one data feed. The main aim of the solution is to drive ROI for retailers by increasing sales conversion, creating more organic traffic via search engines and improving customer retention on retailer websites.

“Our partnership with alaTest is a testimony to our commitment to bring the best quality data and services to our customers. We are now in a unique position to provide a one-stop service for our B2C & B2B customers with rich, search engine optimised data.” comments Tullika Bhalla, Business Manager at Etilize.

Product data and reviews are available for products across categories including all Electrical, Gaming, Telecoms and Information Technology sectors.

“This is an exciting time for alaTest with growth throughout the business,” said Mark Elwig, UK Director. “Through partnership with a leading business such as Etilize, we are cementing this growth and our position in the market. The complimentary products of alaTest and Etilize represent an attractive joint proposition and will enable e-Commerce retailers to deliver high quality, engaging and relevant content to their users on a new scale.”

About alaTest

alaTest™ ( is an independent, online service that collects, analyses and distributes both expert and user product reviews to help consumers with their purchasing decisions and find the best products on the market. We collect this information from more than 1700 websites and magazines worldwide and then restructure and analyze, so consumers see this information on our own sites (20, in 13 languages) and on our partner sites. Our content delivery service allows partners to tap into the potential of both expert and user reviews which in turn equates to higher sales conversions, more loyal customers and SEO benefits.

About Etilize, Inc.

Etilize Inc., a subsidiary of GfK Group, was founded in 2000. Etilize provides product images, attributes, e-commerce modules and rich content for more than 7 million products globally. Etilize's commitment to providing world-class service is one of the many reasons Etilize has the largest data distribution network in the world. Spex product data is available in more than 30 countries worldwide and provides annual data subscriptions through a variety of delivery methods. GfK Group ( acquired Etilize through its subsidiary ENCODEX in 2009. The combined offering of Etilize and ENCODEX is now marketed globally under Etilize, Inc. Learn more by visiting

Businesses Around the World are Using GfK Etilize Product Data

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GfK Etilize aggregates product data and turns it into product data sheets for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We work with some of the largest retailers, online businesses and product suppliers in the world. We are proud they trust their product catalog needs to GfK Etilize's Spex product data. Learn more about our business and our content by exploring our website or you can visit our online demo here. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes in need of product images, technical specifications, marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more. If you would like to speak with our sales team about purchasing Spex product data for your business, click here to contact GfK Etilize today.

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