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"We recently switched to Etilize from a product content provider we had been using for years. Their pricing is very competitive and, above all, they have a strong technology offering. They have also been flexible in meeting our unique business requirements."

"Newegg is known for our high attention to quality, reliability and the customer experience. We believe Etilize's solution, Spex, brings great value to our offerings."

"We've worked with Etilize for seven years and continue to be impressed with the company's product quality, responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our customers have the product information they need to maximize their sales"

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Frequently Asked Product Questions

Learn about our flagship product data solution, Spex

What is Spex?

Spex is our product data solution that provides complete parametric product data and hi-res images for millions of office and technology products and more along with the flexibility to choose from multiple content delivery packages based on your needs.

Why Are Product Data Solutions Important?

Accurate and up-to-date product data translates into revenue.

Users need accurate search results in an easy-to-navigate format that allows them to find their desired products easily. Structured, normalized and clean data requires constant attention, time and resources to ensure desirable results from your investment.

Etilize automates the product-data-gathering process to make it simple, flexible and accessible. The end result is that resellers, distributors, and manufacturers are all working with the same data.

What is Parametric Data?

Parametric data is a collection of specific data attributes on which searches can be performed. This data is unique for each product which allows searching for targeted SKUs. Products can easily be found using parametric search by targeting specific parameters. Examples of parameters include:

Which Subscription is Right for Me if I Need Basic Product Specifications and Images?

What if I Need Highly Detailed Product Specifications?

Our Detailed Attributes Add-on module contains additional product data content which provides extended in-depth specifications about the specfic product. This as well as our other Add-on modules integrate with your Spex Plus basic subscription to provide a custom data package.

What is an Add-on Content Module?

In addition to our Spex Plus Basic solution, we offer four Add-on Modules which allow you to select the data you receive from our database. The four modules are:

What Does the Rich Content Add-on Provide?

Our Rich Content Add-on is for customers looking to provide a full online shopping experience to website and application users. Rich Content includes the following:

What is Included in Options and Accessories?

Our Options and Accessories Add-on provides manufacturer-approved options and accessories related to a specific SKU.

What are Options?

Options refer to any specific hardware or software options that may be necessary to build a specific product. A product always has certain options based on its configuration. For a laptop, options would include processor type, screen size and hard-drive size.

What are Accessories?

Accessories refer to additional items that supplement a product SKU. For a laptop, accessories could include extended battery, a protective case and any peripherals not included with the product. Accessories will always have their own unique SKU.

Does Options and Accessories Include Images?

About 95% of options and accessories have images. There are few options and accessories, such as services, that don't have images as these are not physical products. Licensing products will rarely have images.

What is Included in the Up/Cross-sell Add-on?

Our Up/Cross-Sell Add-on showcases products that are superior or similar to the product initially searched. This tool is useful for presenting users with alternate items if a product is out of stock or back ordered. It can also help generate sales on premium items by suggesting premium items with additional service levels.

How Do I Purchase Spex?

For inquiries, pricing and free product demo accounts, contact us online by clicking here or find the appropriate member of our sales team.

Businesses Around the World are Using GfK Etilize Product Data

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GfK Etilize creates product data sheets from product wholesaler and manufacturer product data. Our product catalogs are built to meet the needs of IT/CE product resellers whole sell products online. All of our subscriptions provide accurate product specifications and can be customized with Rich Content, Up-Sells & Cross-Sells, Extended Technical Specifications and Manufacturer Accessories & Options add-on modules. Etilize product information can be loaded into nearly any shopping cart, inventory or Enterprise Resource Planning system. Contact our sales team to learn more about Spex product data from GfK Etilize

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