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Every product in the Etilize database is identified by an Etilize productid. In order to map Etilize content to external information sources like distributor price files (with pricing and availability information), use the following datasource/product codes

1. Manufacturer Part # + ManufacturerID (Available in the product / manufacturer table)

2. Distributor Sku (Accessible in the productsku table)

3. Custom Mapping Tables (Please contact your Account Representative for more information)

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In order to implement keyword searches, use our productkeywords table keys to implement search for products making sure a text searching feature is implemented in the underlaying database.

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Etilize product images are hosted on our Etilize image server accessible only to subscribed customers. The basic Etilize product content package contains the following images sizes for a product:

An alternate numeric representation of the Thumbnail and Large images are also listed as 160 & 300 respectively.

All types of images for all products might not be available. The published status of product images is accessible from the 'productimages' table.

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The CategoryDisplayAttributes table contains the display attributes for a particular category. It lists all attributes that have been identified for a given product. These attributes are used to house product specifications about the different products in a category. There are also different product attribute display templates that are common for all products of the same category.

The available types are type 1 (detailed) and type 0 (basic), the detailed set of attributes consists of all the attributes and is a super set of the basic template. The same can be identified from the productattribute table with attributes starting with 32(detailed) and basic(basic), you would also find attributes starting with 33 which are searchable attributes and are meant for parametric drilldowns, not for display.
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The main features of a product can be retrieved by using specific search queries Etilize makes available to customers.
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The main features of a product can be retrieved by using specific search queries Etilize makes available to customers.
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Spex Plus and Spex Live both contain the same product data powered by Etilize's product database. The difference is in delivery method.

Spex Live is an on-demand distribution service for ecommerce-ready product data delivered via SOAP/REST webservices.

Spex Plus is the download version that allows the content to be downloaded and imported into a local database.

Both Spex Plus and Spex Live connect you to our database of images, specifications, and digital assets for over a million products, including IT, Consumer Electronics, AIDC and Office Products.

Previously Etilize only provided content via the download model (Spex Plus).
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We provide a full list of FAQ resources on our wiki to help customers find the integration information they need to integrate successfully.
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Our direct Support line is 1.888.608.1212 ext 2. You may also contact your sales representative here.
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GfK Etilize aggregates product data and turns it into product data sheets for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We work with some of the largest retailers, online businesses and product suppliers in the world. We are proud they trust their product catalog needs to GfK Etilize's Spex product data. Learn more about our business and our content by exploring our website or you can visit our online demo here. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes in need of product images, technical specifications, marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more. If you would like to speak with our sales team about purchasing Spex product data for your business, click here to contact GfK Etilize today.

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