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Up-Sell / Cross-Sell Add-on Module

Etilize's Up/Cross-Sell Add-on Module provides product data information that allows display of both similar and superior products to website users. Merchants wanting to display intelligent alternatives to certain products can use our Up/Cross-Sell data to bring attention to the products that will generate sales.

There are two distinct types of data included in the Up/Cross-Sell Add-on:

Cross-Sell data provides information for products with similar functionality to the original product searched. Users are able to see products with similar product specifications from any manufacturer. This can help prevent lost sales when items are out of stock or back-ordered.

Up-Sell data uses Etilize's advanced suggestive selling engine which displays premium items that are superior in function to the item originally searched. This data increases the chance that websites users will opt for higher priced items and has the potential to increase average order sales.

Etilize's Up/Cross-Sell data provides resellers, retailers, website portals and enterprise businesses with merchandising features that give greater visibility to their product offering. Make the most out of every website visitor by presenting the products that will create revenue for your business. View sample datasheets here or try our interactive online demo for a better understanding of our products.

Our Up/Cross-Sell Add-on is sold on a yearly subscription basis and requires our Spex Plus Basic module to function. We provide 45-day demo accounts free-of-charge along with all the sample data and documentation you'll need to do a trial integration of Spex. If you are interested in learning more about integrating Etilize data into your existing systems, click here for integration information. You may also visit our interactive online demo here to gain a better understanding of our Up/Cross-Sell Add-on.

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GfK Etilize creates product data sheets from product wholesaler and manufacturer product data. Our product catalogs are built to meet the needs of IT/CE product resellers whole sell products online. All of our subscriptions provide accurate product specifications and can be customized with Rich Content, Up-Sells & Cross-Sells, Extended Technical Specifications and Manufacturer Accessories & Options add-on modules. Etilize product information can be loaded into nearly any shopping cart, inventory or Enterprise Resource Planning system. Contact our sales team to learn more about Spex product data from GfK Etilize

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