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Hear what our clients say about Spex Product Data

Ingram Micro

"We've worked with Etilize for seven years and continue to be impressed with the company's product quality, responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our customers have the product information they need to maximize their sales"

-Jonathan Newman Executive Director, Global eSolutions [Ingram Micro]

"We evaluated a range of options for acquiring product content and are very happy to be partnering with Etilize,"

"Newegg is known for our high attention to quality, reliability and the customer experience. We believe Etilize's solution, Spex, brings great value to our offerings."

-Bernard Luthi Vice President of Marketing, Web Management and Customer Service []

"We recently switched to Etilize from a product content provider we had been using for years. Their pricing is very competitive and, above all, they have a strong technology offering. They have also been flexible in meeting our unique business requirements."

-Ron Bester Vice President of Purchasing []

DSI Systems, Inc.

"Now after 4 years, I can assure you that Etilize was the proper choice for DSI as a solution based upon ROI. In addition, Etilize has not only allowed DSI to get a leg up on our competition but offer better level of service to our dealer base."

"The SpeX Plus solution allowed DSI to launch an online catalog within weeks rather than months! Implementation was easy and all product content remains up-to-date in real time for the DSI web site."

-Case Study [DSI Systems, Inc.]

"Etilize was instrumental in getting on line quickly and easily. Their content has allowed us to quickly build one of the largest on-line Business IT catalogs on the Internet. Their hosted solution provides all the flexibility we needed to customize our site, and their implementation and support staff were awesome! Their staff continues to work closely with ours to maintain the functionality of our catalog, to create new SKU's as we need them, and to update existing SKU's."

-Dean Rossi President []

"Etilize has become a benchmark for our company to go by. So far we've not found anyone during [our] project that does business like you."

-Ed McSpadden Vice President [Burris, Inc.]


"Our customers love our Etilize integration. They have been waiting for something like this for years. Etilize provides our customer base of over 56,000 QuoteWerks users with consumer friendly product descriptions, product images, and marketing descriptions. Without Etilize, our users had to constantly import product information and scour the web looking for product images to download and for product descriptions to include in their quote."

-Brian Laufer Vice President of Operations [QuoteWerks]

Businesses Around the World are Using GfK Etilize Product Data

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GfK Etilize aggregates product data and turns it into product data sheets for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We work with some of the largest retailers, online businesses and product suppliers in the world. We are proud they trust their product catalog needs to GfK Etilize's Spex product data. Learn more about our business and our content by exploring our website or you can visit our online demo here. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes in need of product images, technical specifications, marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more. If you would like to speak with our sales team about purchasing Spex product data for your business, click here to contact GfK Etilize today.

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