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Enterprise Rich Product Content and Digital Assets

Etilize's Rich Content provides data, content and digital assets including downloadable and web-based content that allows websites to create a fuller online product interaction and shopping experience for online shoppers. Our Rich Content data allows businesses to better mimic the retail experience online which can translate into greater sales for your business.

Our Rich Content provides the following:

  • Access to All Available Product Images
  • High Resolution Images (650px, 1300px)
  • Interactive Product Demonstrations
  • Access to Virtual Product Tours
  • Marketing Brochures for Download
  • Downloadable Manufacturer PDF Product Manuals

Etilize's Rich Product Content helps your customers make better buying decisions and encourages loyalty towards your website. According to Jupiter Research, consumers are 25% more likely to make an online purchase when rich product content is present, better informed consumers lead to happier customers.

Providing website visitors with comprehensive research capabilities and post-sales content makes your website a valuable resource that will bring users back time and time again. You can click here to visit our interactive online demo for a better understanding of our products.

Our Rich Content and Digital Assets information is sold on a yearly subscription basis. We provide demo accounts for 45-days free-of-charge along with sample data and all the documentation you'll need to do a trial integration of Spex. If you are interested in learning more about integrating Etilize data into your existing systems, click here for integration information.

Contact Etilize Today to learn more about Spex product data and how it can help you retain website visitors.

Businesses Around the World are Using GfK Etilize Product Data

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GfK Etilize aggregates product data and turns it into product data sheets for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We work with some of the largest retailers, online businesses and product suppliers in the world. We are proud they trust their product catalog needs to GfK Etilize's Spex product data. Learn more about our business and our content by exploring our website or you can visit our online demo here. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes in need of product images, technical specifications, marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more. If you would like to speak with our sales team about purchasing Spex product data for your business, click here to contact GfK Etilize today.

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