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Detailed Attributes Product Data

Etilize's Detailed Attributes data provides detailed and structured product specifications which provide an in-depth view of a specific products capabilities. Data included in Detailed Attributes can not only improve your user's ability to search for the features they are looking for, but allows comparison shopping with side-by-side feature-level comparisons.


Etilize's Detailed Attributes supply an exhaustive list of all the product specifications available in our product database for a certain SKU. For example, Detailed Attribute data for a Laptop would provide multiple tech specs in the following areas:

  • General Product Information
  • Processor & Chipset
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Display & Graphics
  • Network & Communication
  • I/O Expansions
  • Interfaces/Ports
  • Software
  • Input Devices
  • Battery Information
  • Power Description
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Miscellaneous
  • Warranty


Our Detailed Attributes data helps users make informed buying decisions by allowing research and purchasing on the same site. Allowing users to learn about and compare products capabilties can lead to reduced returns and higher customer satisfaction. If you would like to gain a better understanding of our Detailed Attributes information, please visit our interactive online demo here.

Our Detailed Attribute information is sold on a yearly subscription basis. We provide demo accounts for 45-days free-of-charge along with sample data and all the documentation you'll need to do a trial integration of Spex. If you are interested in learning more about integrating Etilize data into your existing systems, click here for integration information.

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GfK Etilize aggregates product data and turns it into product data sheets for websites, inventory databases and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We work with some of the largest retailers, online businesses and product suppliers in the world. We are proud they trust their product catalog needs to GfK Etilize's Spex product data. Learn more about our business and our content by exploring our website or you can visit our online demo here. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes in need of product images, technical specifications, marketing text, merchandizing functions, rich content and more. If you would like to speak with our sales team about purchasing Spex product data for your business, click here to contact GfK Etilize today.

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